Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe

Electromagnetic actuators

Lecture content

  • Dimensioning of drive systems, Electrical design, Mechanical design
  • Electromagnetic actuators, electromagnets, rotating field machines, linear actuators, mechanical components
  • Control of actuators, inverter technology, control methods, fieldbus couplings
  • Example systems and special forms of actuators, industrial applications, hybrid systems, safety-critical systems

More information about the event

Scope: 2V/2Ü/1P = 6 LP
Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gruber
Frequency: winter semester
Form of examination: oral


A working knowledge of higher mathematics and theoretical electrical engineering is expected.


Students will know the structure, calculation and application of electromagnetic actuators. They master the common types of actuators such as synchronous, asynchronous and direct current machines with special knowledge of special forms such as linear or piezo actuators. You know the application of electromagnetic actuators, as well as the development, design and calculation of the actuators and peripheral areas such as heat dissipation.

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