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AutorenDr.-Ing. Andreas Uphues, Dipl.-Ing. Kilian Nötzold, Dr.-Ing. Ralf Wegener, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Soter
TitelFrequency adaptive PR-controller for compensation of current harmonics
KonferenzIECON 2014 – 40th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
OrtDallas / Texas
AbstractThe use of proportional resonant (PR) current controller in grid side wind power converters instead of the traditional proportional integral (PI) controller has gained a large popularity. Particularly its capability for compensating harmonics in the current waveforms is an essential feature. Due to the replacing of the generator side converter by a simple diode rectifier, harmonics with variable frequencies into dependence of the generatorrequency appear in the current waveforms. To reach the IEEE standard for the total harmonic distortion (THD) a frequency adaptive PR-controller for compensating these harmonics is required.


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