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AutorenUniv.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Soter, Bertling, F.
TitelAdjustable Converter for Injection of Fuel Cell Power as a Part of a Virtual Power Plant
Konferenz35th IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, PELS´
AbstractThis research project deals with the development of a solid, intelligent converter with a good value. The energy of fuel cells or other low-voltage energy-sources (40 to 80VDC) is feeded decentral into the public net (230VAC/50Hz or 110VAC/60Hz). Because of the requirements of the serial product (e.g. low price, reliability, range of use) a prototype of a converter with high frequency transformer was built. The latest electronic devices and a digital signal processor as central controller have been applied to achieve high efficiency and flexible power injection. It is possible to obtain improvements of the local voltage quality and stability by adjusting active and reactive power as well as power factor and current shape


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