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AutorenDr.-Ing. Christian Junge, Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gruber, M.Sc. Fabian Budschun, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Soter
TitelSystem Analysis and Optimization of a Pressure Control for a Hydraulic-Clutch-Brake-Combination actuated with a Lineardrive
KonferenzInternational Conference on Industrial Technology
OrtVina del Mar, Valparaiso
AbstractThis paper deals with the analysis of an electrohydraulic system and conception of a pressure control. The controlled system consists of a permanetmagnet linear actuator, a hydraulic pressure line and a Clutch-Break-Combination (CBC). The linear actuator generates a force which causes the pressure in the hydraulic line. Depending on the system-pressure, the Clutch-Brake-Combination brakes or clutches with a different torque. Because of the integrated prestressed springs of the CBC, the controlled system is very nonlinear. In addition there are different disturbances, which makes it hardly controllable. The linear actuator is driven with a standard inverter.


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