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AutorenUniv.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Soter, Buchhold, S.
TitelIncreasing Efficiently of a Converter for Feeding the Net with Fuel Cell Power by Using Modern Electronic Components
KonferenzPCIM 2000, Power Conversion Intelligent Motion Power Quality
AbstractThis research project occupies with the development of a solid converter with a good value. The task is to feed the public net (230VAC/50Hz or 110VAC/60Hz) with fuelcell or photovoltaic energie (40 to 80VDC). Because of the claimed properties of the serial product (e.g. low price, low weight, small dimensions) a converter with high frequency transformer was built as a lab sample. The most modern and best electronic devices were taken to get an efficiency of approx. 92%, in spite of not finishing optimization work yet. The aim of this project is to construct and to build up a converter (power rating 3500W) for feeding the net.


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