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AutorenUniv.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Soter, Lach, R.
TitelConcept of noise minimization of three-phase current machines by variation and modification of control scheme and power electronics
KonferenzPCIM 2000, Power Conversion Intelligent Motion Power Quality
AbstractModern industrial driving conceptions, consisting of three-phase current machine, power electronics and automatic control, become more efficient and less expensive. This submits an optimized utilization of material in electrical machines, which may excite an unmeant stimulation of oscillation in hearable frequency response. The purpose of this research project is the noise minimization. First of all a detailed study of frequency response will be performed by modalanalysis using vibration measurement. At the same time the behavior of the machine will be simulated using a 2D/3D-model in consideration of excitation. The machine model can be validated by its natural frequencies. By variation and modification of control scheme and power electronics the striking frequencies of interest can be assigned to special properties of the driving system. This strategy builds the basic principle of noise minimization.


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