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AutorenDr.-Ing. Ralf Wegener, Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gruber, Dipl.-Ing. Kilian Nötzold, Dipl.-Ing. Florian Senicar, Dr.-Ing. Christian Junge, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Soter
TitelDevelopment and Test of a High Force Tubular Linear Drive Concept with Discrete Wound Coils for Industrial Applications
KonferenzIEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting 2008
AbstractThis paper deals with the development of a tubular permanent magnet linear drive with radial magnetized armature and discrete wound coils mounted on a star-shaped stator part. The rated force of the developed machine is 500 N per segment. This presented particular design results in a very economic product because all primary parts, except of the permanent magnets and coils, are made of standard not-laminated steel and are optimized for easy production and assembly. The control of this machine with a specially built low cost linear sensor based on the hall-effect is also presented. The suitability of the design is proven by the demonstration of a prototype with measurements of thrust and cogging force.


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